About Us

V Wonderful was born from the heart and mind of Viviana Ortiz, former Miss Universe Puerto Rico (2011), in hopes of creating clothing with the perfect blend of elegance and comfort. A brand that would inspire women to confidently cultivate their sense of self while pursuing whatever dreams they wish to accomplish in this world, without anything holding them back.

Over the years

Over the years Viviana has endured the ever-changing nature of her career, embracing her public figure status within the modeling and acting world, developing her strengths, and discovering new passions all while meeting and marrying the love of her life. After becoming a mother in 2016, Viviana’s entrepreneurial creativity was sparked by the new ways motherhood added depth, beauty and challenge to her life. This influenced her idea that no matter what life throws at a woman, they should always have the opportunity to dress in a way that allows them to feel beautiful and comfortable.

V Wonderful

Pulling from all facets of her life—modeling to motherhood—Viviana formed a unique attunement to the dreams and desires of the everyday woman. She constructs thoughtful pieces of clothing with V Wonderful that naturally enhance confidence by allowing women to feel wonderful, look wonderful and dare to be wonderful, every single day.